Below I am sharing some of the home remedies which actually worked for me but please make sure that you are using these remedies when you are experiencing heavy bleeding for more than seven days because it is normal to bleed for seven days. If it lasts more than that make sure to contact a gynecologist just to make sure that you are not having Polys Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)or any such issues.

These are all home remedies which has no side effects ( as these are tested by me and opinions are based on how it actually worked for me)


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These are the spice which is easily available in all the kitchens(I assume). These miraculous seeds help to maintain the hormonal levels in your body. And that’s why they are helpful in also starting your periods.

  • Take two cups (coffee mug) of water in a utensil and then add 2 tablespoon full coriander seeds, boil it till the quantity of water reduced to one cup.
  • Add a bit of honey if you want to avoid that pungent taste.
  • Drink it two or three times a day.

NOTE: some people might get side effects or allergic to it. Make sure you are not sensitive towards it.


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Ice bags are helpful because it helps our body to cool down, our body heats up when periods happen and in order to stop it we have to cool down our body

  • Take an Ice bag, and keep it in your abdomen.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times a day.



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Prolonged menstruation can also be the result of low hemoglobin levels.  Eating or drinking beetroot and pomegranate juice (separately) to help in increasing hemoglobin level, which will, in turn, helps in reducing or stopping periods.


In my case, if I am experiencing a prolonged menstruation, for more than seven days the bleeding usually stops within 3-4 days by using above mentioned remedies.

It also depends upon one’s reproductive cycle and also the root cause because of which they are experiencing prolonged menstruation.

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